Zoomers For The Fast Swimmer

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What brand of swim fin should I buy?

Zoomers For The Fast Swimmer

Zoomers are a brand of swim fin that are considered to be the top of the line. Invented by a scientist named Dr. Marty Hull, they optimize the physics that allow the fins to propel the swimmer faster. Many cheaper versions of Zoomers are available on the market, but the original brand seems to work the best. Many competitive swimmers use Zoomers to train in. They are a lightweight fin, making them more suitable for training and water sports, rather than scuba diving. New to the scene is Zoomers Z2. The Z2s have a slightly angled fin and their smaller size and shape offer greater ease of movement, comfort and safety. This new shape allows swimmers of any level to transition the full power of their legs into the water and generate more speed and mobility.



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