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Who makes the best designer swimwear for men?

Versace Swimwear For Men

Men's swimwear has come a long way. Rather than assuming that only woman care about fashion, look to Ami Sanzuri for a truly stylish look for a man on the beach. A European look doesn't always mean a skin-tight bikini brief, but Ami Sanzuri has plenty of that. American men should shed their modesty and go for it!

What brand can the whole family wear to the beach or pool?

Long Live The Speedo!

Speedos aren't strictly reserved for Olympic swimmers. In fact, the Speedo line offers a vast array of products for women, children, and men. You will also find designer accessories such as sunglasses, swimming caps, and goggles. Women have a selection of one-piece swim suits and bikinis, as well as wraps and covers. Men will have just as big of a selection in accessories… and yes, the tiny little briefs, too.

Where can I see the best swimsuit designs in action?

Olympians Always Know Where It's At

If it is a Summer Olympics year, then you are sure to find what is hot in the swimsuit fashion world. Swimwear designers know that the athletes will bring their line a lot of attention, so many request that their suits be worn. Men's swimwear changes more than you'd think from one year to the next. Divers and swimmers are always dressed in the finest brand names. Trends in women's swimwear are evident during the Olympics, too, just like tennis divas show us what's hot in athletic wear.

Where can I find examples of this year's swimsuit styles?

The Sports Illustrated Can Be A Fashion Guide

Who knew that The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition could please every adult in the house? You can use this magazine as a fashion guide to this year's hot swimsuit trends. Plus, it comes out with enough advance for you to get into shape for summer. Women's swimsuit trends change every year, but here is a jump-start on this summer. Post a picture of the cover model on your refrigerator- it will aid your style and your weight loss.

What is an alternative designer style that I can dress in on the beach?

Surfer Chicks Rock!

The tomboy look has never been sexier since the resurgence of surfer chick chic. This look won't break the bank, either. Skate and surf shops always offer an edgy, hip line of women's swimwear. For those of you who worked hard to get into a bikini this summer, go with the tried and true bikini top and cutoff shorts. Surf's Up!

Where can I purchase a unique swimsuit?

For An Elegant, Yet Sexy Look

If you want to try a more sophisticated approach to being sexy out on the beach, try Salinas, Vitamin A, and Blue Brazil swimsuits. These designers offer a great line of designer swimwear. Your favorite online sports store or swim site will have a great selection of designer swimsuits including bikinis, one pieces, and wraps from these collections.

What is in style this season with women's swimwear?

Retro Is The Way To Go

This year, look for women's swimsuits to be modeled after 1950's glam. The retro look has been spotted all over Hollywood, with movie starlets opting for vintage Dior and the like. Swimwear is no exception. Polka dots, halter tops, skirted suits, you name it. The great news for many women is that plus size swimsuits look great in a retro style. Sexy women were fuller figured back then, like Marilyn Monroe and Betty Page. Everyone wins with retro bathing suits!

What kind of plus size swimsuits are available?

Plus Size Can Be Just As Hip And Sexy

If you're a plus size man or woman and are concerned about modeling a swimsuit this season, have no fear; there are plenty of designers who make swimwear suitable and flattering for plus size women and men. Search online for plus size swimwear, or if you're comfortable with one particular designer, search for their recent swimwear designs.

Where can I find last season's designer swimsuits?

You Can Find Anything On eBay

Looking for designer swim suits that you admired two seasons ago? No, it's not a fashion faux pas, it's retro! But where to find it when it has left all retail stores and outlets? Go online. Think of the Internet as a vintage shop for your designer swimwear shopping needs. If you've had your eye on that zebra pattern Armani wrap it's entirely possible you'll find it online or on an online auction site.

Where can I buy designer swimwear for less?

Shopping For A Bargain

For discount designer swimwear, look to the Internet. The Web is also a great place to look for plus sizes. Versace, Armani, DKNY, Liz Claiborne and more are available at a bargain on discount shopping sites. Also, being online will provide a way to comparison shop different brands and styles. With a bargain on women's, men's, and plus sizes, you'll be able to outfit the whole family and still have enough left over for the designer sunglasses!

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