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What events will I swim on the high school team?

A Spectator's Dream

There's something for everyone at a high school swim meet. There are many events and this is a good time you young swimmers to try things out and find their talents. The events at a high school swim meet include:

• -200 Medley Relay
• -200 Freestyle
• -200 Individual Medley
• -50 Freestyle
• -Diving
• -100 Butterfly
• -100 Freestyle
• -500 Freestyle
• -200 Freestyle Relay
• -100 Backstroke
• -100 Breastroke
• -400 Freestyle Relay

Which swim team should I join?

Team up With the Best

Find the swim team for you. Are you young, old, like to swim fast, or swim long? Do you want the challenge of learning the butterfly and the excitement of slicing through the water with a perfect dive? If you're a beginner and under eighteen, join your local recreation team – they have the best staff and offer the best competition around.

If you're competitive and enjoy hard swim workouts, join a local USS team or Masters team if you are over eighteen. YMCAs also have teams for all ability levels, but may be higher priced and not as comprehensively staffed as recreation teams.

*Best advice – talk to the high school swimmers from the high school in your area and ask them where they learned to swim, what teams they joined, and what they thought.

What is the difference between events competed long course versus short course?

A Swimmer's Dream

Want to know what to expect? The events included at a long course (races competed in a fifty meter pool) USS swim meet are:

• -50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 1500 Freestyle
• -50, 100, 200 Butterfly
• -50, 100, 200 Backstroke
• -50, 100, 200 Breastroke
• -200, 400 Individual Medleys
• -200, 400 Medley Relays
• -200, 400, 800 Freestyle Relays

Would I swim with both boys and girls, men and women?


Girls swim teams and boys swim teams are generally separate teams in high school, yet the same teams for USS swim teams and recreation swim teams. Boys and girls, men and women on co-ed teams practice together and swim the same workouts. The lanes are broken down by ability level, not gender.

Young girls are more coordinated than boys, and are often faster until age eleven or twelve. Swimming together allows both boys and girls to learn from one another and encourage each other to improve. It is fun for the girls and boys to have one another cheering for each other during the meets.

The benefit to having separate teams at the high school level, allows for the most competitive atmosphere at meets and championships, having strictly heats of girls swimming, the focus on each and every race, or vice versa for boys. All races in the pool go toward one team score, and thus raises the intensity level in the pool area.

Where should I watch swimmers compete to get an idea of what I'd like to do and what I'd like to look like?

The Competitive Spirit

Watch and learn. Go to a high school swim meet or college swim meet to see what conditioned and seasoned swimmers look like and to see the times they are posting.

Take your kids who want to be swimmers to these meets so they can get an idea of what they will be able to do if they desire. Swim meets are exciting and motivational.

What events do USS meets offer?

An Official's Dream

Short and sweet! Short course events are a lot less time-intensive than events in ordinary swim meets. The events included at a short course (races competed in a twenty-five yard pool) USS swim meet include:

• -50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 1650 Freestyle
• -50, 100, 200 Butterfly
• -50, 100, 200 Backstroke
• -50, 100, 200 Breastroke
• -200 Individual Medley
• -200 Medley Relay
• -200, 400 Freestyle Relays

Why join a swim team?

It's Team Time!

Come one, come all! Learn to swim or win your race. Be a part of a team and a good team member.

Learn teamwork, hard work, and the thrill of competition on a swim team. Get healthy and stay that way! If you can put your face in the water, there is a place for you on a swim team.

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