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What are some other types of training I could do in addition to swimming that would help me get stronger and faster?

Define it!

Want to be a better all-around swimmer and athlete? You should couple your swimming training with dry-land training, specifically running and biking. Swimming training makes your heart, lungs, and muscles strong, but because it is low-impact, meaning your joints do not have to bear the weight of your body.

Swimming training does not allow you to strengthen and stretch the small muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your knees, ankles, feet, and other load bearing joints in your body. These areas need a slight bit of impact training in order to get stronger and prevent injury. Add two to three days a week of jogging into your workout plan and you will see results in your strength, stamina, and physique. Running is one of the best exercises to give your muscles that toned and defined look that is hard to get when only doing swimming training.

How does swimming fit into my life?

Swim it, Live it

When you learn to swim, you are learning a lifestyle, not just a sport. Swimming is good for your heart, your lungs, your body, and your mind. It is a relaxing as it is strenuous and as rewarding as it is challenging.

You must learn to swim within yourself and teach yourself to push your own limits. You can find balance like this everywhere in your life if you approach all of your endeavors like you do swimming. Warm up to it, get into the heart of it, find time to rest and recuperate, finish it with renewed enthusiasm, and cool down.

What should I bring to an all day swim meet?

Doesn't That Feel Better?

Once you learn how to swim, you need to learn how to take care of yourself so that you can swim your best. Swim meets can be long days and long weekends. Bring lots of snacks and lots of drinks that are not made mostly out of sugar.

Fruit juices and water, granola bars and peanut butter sandwiches will make you feel refreshed and ready to swim, while giving you that quick pick me up and not weigh you down. Bring many changes of clothes, especially sweatpants and sweatshirts.

Will swimming be something I value in my life?

Do it Better Than the Day Before

Swim training is like training for any other sport, academic class, instrument, or activity that you pick up. It requires discipline, hard work, and support from teammates and coaches.

To excel at swimming you need the desire to train hard in order to compete hard so you can win. If you put in the training, you can count on it, you will get results.

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