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What is the best type of bag to carry my gear in?

Pack It In

So you've got your swim gear, but how do you take it with you to and from practice? No, not in just any type of bag, you need a swimming bag. Why? What is different about swimming bags, why not just any athletic bag? Swimming bags have a pouch that is waterproof to put your swim suits in after practice. Swimming bags also have waterproof linings so, if you happen to place it down in a puddle on the pool deck, or a wet towel gets dropped on top of it, the things inside will stay dry.

Swim bags are worth the investment. Speedo makes an excellent backpack style swimming bag with a waterproof pouch with netting on the outside so your suits will not only stay out of contact with your dry things inside the bag, they can dry at the same time!


Chemically Imbalanced

Chlorine is a chemical. You'll soon find out that your swimwear fall apart, your hair turns to straw, and your skin is dry and itchy from swimming in chlorine everyday unless you do something about it. Try these tips:

• Rinse off in the shower after every time you swim.
• Rinse and ring your suits out and hang them to dry.
• Don't ball up your towels or they'll loose their color and their strength.
• Buy special swimmer's shampoo and use it once a week.
• Go to the salon and get a trim or treatment once every month and a half or so.
• Moisturize every single day. Don't skip a day and get moisturizer that does not have alcohol in it.

Where should I shop for women's swim wear?

All the Help You Can Get

Is women's swim wear the same as men's swim wear? No. So why would you buy it at the same place? You wouldn't. Training gear is all very similar, but what you wear for fun, for recreation, and to the beach is very different.

Men can buy swim suits at any department store, but ladies should buy women's swim wear at a store that can identify the best products for the their particular body types. After all, there is more to fit than just one waist and length size, correct?

Buy women's swim wear at a specialty shop or online with at a site that allows you to describe your body type and find the suits that will look best on you. In fact, use these “swim suit finders” to figure out the type of swim suit you are looking for, and then shop around for the best prices.

Why are racing suits so much tighter than training suits?

Wait, I'm Wearing a Suit?

Racing suits. Swimming suits that you wear to race should be tighter and thinner than suits you train in. Many companies make “paper” swimming suits.

Paper swimming suits are single layer suits that stretch more than regular suits to allow you to get them on, but feel like you are not wearing much more than your skin.

Are one-piece or two-piece swim suits better, or does it matter?

Stick with the Norm

Train and race in a one-piece swim suit. If you are wearing more than one suit anyway, there is no point in having a two-piece swim suit. The bottoms will create problems. They sit low on the hip and create the wrong kind of drag, as they are likely to come down when diving or pushing off.

Two-piece athletic swim suits are useful when teaching swim lessons or working at an ocean or lake as an instructor, lifeguard, or coach.

What is the best way to find a suit that will look good on me?

Dress for What You've Got - at the Beach!

Yes, flatter me. When buying designer swim wear, make sure you get a swim suit that flatters your body, accentuating the best parts. J. Crew and L.L. Bean are two designers that allow you to pick a swim suit by body type. You can browse their websites for swim suits for people with tiny waists, large hips, long legs...anything!

If you choose to purchase designer swim wear from a company that does not offer this service, take a friend, sister, parent, or daughter with you and ask their opinion on several swim suits. Boys, this goes for you too!

Will I look silly in a training suit at the pool or the beach?

Show Off That Hot Bod!

Flatter your figure. Athletic swim suits, both two-piece and one-piece look great.

You look in shape and like you care about keeping your body fit when seen at the pool or beach in a Speedo, TYR, Finals, Aqua, etc, suit. They are slimming and comfortable.

Why do I see some swimmers with layers of suits on?

Put it ALL on

You don't have to stand in front of your closet for several minutes everyday deciding “what should I wear” when getting ready to swim. Just grab a bunch of swim suits and go.

Make sure you have a suit that is still in good condition, not worn out to the point of see-through. Wear that swim suit plus one or two others when you are training. They will create a little bit of drag, good drag that you will be able to shed when racing and fly through the water.

Are all swim suits expensive?

Last Year is not Last Place

I'm sold! Sold for a sale that is. Discount swim wear is the greatest untapped resource when preparing to train, race, or gear up for a fabulous vacation on the beach. Outlet and factory stores are all over the place, all of them offering their last year's or last season's model swim suits for great prices!

Designers like Nautica, Ralph Lauren, Quicksilver, and swimming wear makers like Speedo, TYR, Nike, will all have their swim suits on display and on sale at the outlet malls. Find one and buy one.

What if I want to swim, but am on a tight budget?

Save on Swimwear

Think buying enough swim suits to practice everyday is an expensive endeavor? Think again. Most practice swim suits can be purchased for around twenty dollars on sale at a discount sporting goods store such as Bobs Stores, or large department stores such as T.J. Maxx, or Marshalls.

Don't buy swim suits for full price online or at regular sporting goods stores. Look for last season's models on sale for at least half price. Some sports apparel stores have outlet or factory stores that carry discount swim wear, such as Nike.

If you've worked hard to get in shape, why hide it in a speedo?

You Know You're Beautiful

Get stylish. After you have worked so hard to get in shape and look great, show it off!

Buy some designer swim wear and head to the beach, or change into a great looking bikini or pair of designer swim trunks after your workout.

Can I train in just one swim suit?

Comfort is Key

Who wants to wear two suits relaxing at the beach in the summer? No one. If you go to the beach at a lake or the ocean to relax for the day and get in your swim as well, just wear one swim suit.

*If you want to bring an extra to throw on before you start your training, it is always a good idea.

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