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Where should I look to find worthwhile swimming video?

It Can't Hurt

For countless swimming videos, titles, descriptions and prices, visit sportsnationvideo.com/swimming. It is important to see the strokes you are trying to learn done correctly, accompanied by quick and easy pointers.

*The swimming videos that include commentary and demonstration by professional swimmers are the best.

What types of swimming videos are the best?

Don't Memorize, Just Watch

Swimming lesson videos are most valuable for swimmers who already know how to swim the strokes and are trying to become a certain type of swimmer or competitor. For instance, swimming lesson videos on becoming a triathlete or open water swimmer are more helpful than videos on learning the breastroke.

Swimming lesson videos are best when they are teaching to swim for a specific purpose, not just learning to swim. A coach is the way to go for technique instruction.

Should I video tape myself swimming?

Do Something with it

Watching swimming videos of you in the water is often the best way for a coach and a swimmer to critique and correct technique.

It is never a bad thing and always helpful in one way or another to view yourself swimming on video.

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