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I have glass, can I still swim in my contacts or can I get special goggles?

Can't Find Your Glasses? Check Your Swimbag

Swim in glasses! Well, not really, but almost. Bring your goggles and eyeglass prescription to your eye doctor or eyeglass store, and they can make you goggles that function as glasses.

Many swim goggles allow for contacts to be worn with them, however, your eyes may dry out and contacts may fall out easily. If you want to see and swim at the same time, try custom made goggle-glasses. Ask your optometrist.

What kind of swim goggles should I get?

To See is to Win

Finding the proper swim goggles for you is almost as important as finding a swimsuit that fits. Second only to being clad in swim wear, comfortable and functional goggles are the key to a successful swim practice and race. No one wants to continuously stop swimming to clear or readjust his or her goggles. No one wants to finish a practice with sores below or in between their eyes because their goggles did not fit properly.

You need to know what you want your goggles for—training or racing. If it is training, you should try on goggles for comfort. One of the best pair of goggles out there is the Speedo Sprint. If these are too small or the eyes are not in the correct spot for you, try a more rigid pair of goggles that has a non-adjustable nosepiece. These goggles have a plastic piece that is further away from the bridge of your nose, so it will not rub or cause a sore.

What kind of swim goggles should I race in?

Smaller is Better (in this case)

Goggles for racing. Many people prefer to change swim goggles from their training goggles to their racing goggles when competing. Racing goggles are usually smaller, and could have thinner or no padding around the eyes.

Swedish goggles have no padding around the eyes and are meant to reduce the resistance and drag that padding may create. These goggles are often not very comfortable, but useful for short term.

Which swim goggles are the best?

You Can't Argue with the Best

Need goggles but want a brand you can trust? Don't settle for lesser quality, buy the best. The big swim goggle producers with the best reputations are:

• Speedo
• Aqua Sphere
• Original Swedish goggles
• Barracuda

Search by maker online, or go to a large sporting goods store and ask.

Are swim masks better for some people?

Snorkel Fun, Swimming None

Ditch the masks. Do not learn to swim or practice swimming wearing a swim mask. Swim masks should be used only for snorkeling or diving. The reason: your nose is covered. When swimming laps, racing or training, you want as little pressure on your face and sinuses as possible, something often created when wearing a mask, and you must be able to breath in and out of your nose.

Beginning swimmers should not wear swim masks at all. If they try to breathe in or out of their nose, a skill they should be learning to do and are not able to do while wearing a mask, they may often panic, swallow water, and choke. Goggles are the way to go.

Do you want to make sure your goggles stay on?

We Want a Single, We Want a Double!

Double strap or single strap? It doesn't matter – it's your choice. Most swim goggles are made to have either.

For younger swimmers, go with the double strap (they are easier to put on, once they are adjusted the way you like them). Adjustment is easier with a single strap.

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