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Where can I read about my favorite swimmers?

Just Try It

I want to be like her! Read about your favorite swimming stars. Not enough about swimmers in Sports Illustrated? True!
Go to amazon.com and buy a book on Amanda Beard or Michael Phelps. Even find books about learning to swim like the best in the world. The pictures are beautiful and the pointers are worth reading. Don't base all your training on what a book has to say – try things yourself.

What are coaches looking for in swimmers?

Remember When...?

The scouting report. College coaches will ask what you've done for swim workouts and what times you have swum. Write it down, keep a log, and you'll be prepared to answer those questions and provide backup and reference for yourself as well.

*Steady improvement and effort are almost as attractive to a swim coach as achievement.

Is it worth keeping a daily or weekly swimming log or my workouts?

Hog the Log

Expand your repertoire and keep a log! Swimming books with logs to record your training and sample workouts are must have. Measure your progress in length of practices, variety of sets, frequency and number of swim workouts in a week, race times, weight, and muscle tone.

Improvement can be measured in a number of ways, make sure you give yourself plenty of chances to see that by keeping track in your swimming log book. Add intensity and difficulty with the suggest workouts in some swimming books.

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