There's Floaters in Numbers

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Are groups swim classes or private swim classes better for children/adults?

There's Floaters in Numbers

Taking swim lessons in a group class rather than a private swim lesson is more beneficial to younger and beginning swimmers. When kids see each other trying a new skill, they are more likely to try it themselves, and more willing to trust the instructor.

Group swim lessons are less expensive than private lessons, and often help the swimmers learn to swim faster. Swimmers who take private lessons at a very beginning level, often take things at a slower pace and are more reluctant to try necessary skills, such as floating or gliding on the stomach or back.



5/5/2008 8:21:20 AM
Brandy said:

This is not always true. I have taught swimming lessons for about 10 years and have had many swimmer excel at a private lesson compared to public. With public lessons, they can be overcrowded, few instructors or inexperienced instructors. Private lessons gives the instructor a better chance to instruct the swimmer.


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