Shoulders are Sexy

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Will I put on weight doing swimming training?

Shoulders are Sexy

"I've seen a lot of swimmers who have pretty large shoulders and legs. Will swimming training make me gain weight?"

No, it will not.
Swimming helps you gain muscle, where and how you will gain that muscle depends on your body type. Your body will not allow you to get larger than is natural for your frame. The more muscle you have, the better and faster it burns fat, which is the goal of losing weight or getting in shape. Either way, you win.



9/27/2006 8:20:50 PM
Kerry said:

I joined a Masters swim team and swim every morning at 5:00am since last Feb. and was hopeing to lose weight I swim about 2800 in yardage and my weight has stayed the same 150 but I can swim longer and harder,I'm going to start useing a treadmill everyday and weights and see if I drop weight faster, It's not easy jumping into a cool pool at the ungodly hour that I swim and if swimming is making me store fat than I will need to rethink If I really want to swim everyday, but I would miss the people that I swim with and the feeling that I get when I finish a good workout in the just can't buy you that feeling!

2/25/2009 11:08:58 AM
LC said:

Kerry - A few things...
1. If you swim 7 days a week, you might want to consider taking one day off per week to let your body recover and rebuild muscle.
2. You might not be eating enough. It seems like you swim a lot. You should recalculate your daily calories according to your high activity level. If you are not eating enough calories your metabolism will stay the same (or slow down) and you will not lose weight. has a really great calorie calculator!


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