Jump with Your Legs

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Why do some swimmers start off of two feet?

Jump with Your Legs

More starts. The most powerful dive start that should be learned and practiced by all swimmers is the two-footed start. It is much like the track start, but both feet are placed at the front of the block, toes at the very edge, knees slightly bent, hands resting at the front of the block, just outside the swimmers feet.

In this start, when the gun goes off, the swimmer does not have the option of transferring weight backwards and to the arms in an attempt to spring forward, the swimmer must push off of both feet and drive the arms forward to a streamline position.

This start is the best start to teach beginning swimmers because it does not allow them to practice bad habits as may happen with the track start, and allows them to use all of the power from both legs to explode off the blocks.



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