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Which swimming start is the fastest?

Get Off of There!

Starts. Most people think of starts as simply dives. They are not simply dives and can be done in many ways. The fastest start, yet most difficult to execute correctly, is the track start. This start should only be practiced by competitive, experienced swimmers who are preparing for races:

• Your front foot is at the very front of the block
• Your back toe, heel does not touch the block, is almost to the back of the block.
• Your hands are curled around the front of the block, yet not gripping or pulling on the block.
• Almost all of your weight should be on your front leg, a little bit on your back.
• When the gun goes off, all of your weight should move forward.
• Push forward with both legs, drive your arms forward into a streamline position before touching the water.
• Once you hit the water, kick, kick, kick!
• Stay in the streamline position until you are ready to pop out of the water.

*When using this start, do not rock backwards transferring weight to your back foot and giving yourself some tension on your arms from with which to spring or launch yourself forward. Do not ever get into this position, before or during your start. It is not faster or more powerful, it is slower.



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