School in the Summer?

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Where can I get my lifeguard certification?

School in the Summer?

• How do I get certified to become a lifeguard?
• How long is the class?
• What will I have to be able to do?

First, go to the American Red Cross website and look up where and when the classes in your area are held. Most classes are the equivalent of forty hours. Some are offered five days in a row for eight hours a day, others may span several weeks, a couple of nights a week or on the weekend. Choose the class that best fits your schedule.

Read the requirements for passing each class, detailed on the American Red Cross website. You will be certified in CPR and first aid for the professional rescuer as part of your life guarding course. In the life guarding class you will need to be able to perform several types of saves on a distressed swimmer, active drowner, passive drowner, submerged victim, and spinal victim. And, you will learn how to use a backboard and rescue tube.



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