All Heads in CAPS

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Why should I wear a swim cap?

All Heads in CAPS

Swim caps can be useful for both men and women, with both short and long hair. Do you think you have short enough hair that it doesn't matter? Well, it does. Swim caps can be latex, silicone, or nylon. Goggle straps are rubber. The rubber sticks to and does not move around causing irritating sore spots when worn over swim caps. Think about the rubber straps sticking to or pulling on your hair for hours. Not very fun, right?

When you are diving into the water, swim caps provide a better surface for the goggle straps to adhere to, reducing the chance that they will move or fall off when you dive. Many swimmers even like to pull the front edge of their swim cap over the top edge of their goggles for the dive just to make sure no water gets in and those goggles stay in place.



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