Ponys Can't Swim

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How do I put on a swim cap so that it is comfortable enough to wear for hours?

Ponys Can't Swim

Do you swim with your hair in a swim cap? Do you sometimes find you get a headache after having the cap on for a long time? There are several things you can do to make using a swim cap the best option and most comfortable for you. If you have long hair and wear a swim cap, don't put it in a ponytail or elastic before putting on your swim cap. Instead, try this method:

• Get the cap wet first, inside and out.
• With your hair down, pull the cap over your head from front to back.
• Place the inside edge of the cap in the middle of your forehead.
• Stretch the cap over the crown and back of your head.
• Make sure the back inside edge rests just above your hairline at the base of your neck.
• Using one hand, twist or grab your hair altogether and push it up inside the back of the cap.
• Use the other hand to lift the cap out slightly and allow your hair to be pushed inside the cap.
• After all of your hair is inside, readjust it and push it around with your fingers on the outside.

This will allow a better resting place for your goggle straps without a ponytail or hair elastic in the way, and will not create a pressure point that will get more painful and give you a headache the longer you have the swim cap on.



7/17/2006 5:09:28 PM
Rene said:

Thanks! :D

9/23/2006 8:02:42 AM
Jessica said:

Hi my name is jessica and i have a major difficulty on putting on my swimming cap... I have long hair and although i read alot of sites that tell you exactly how to put on a cap i still struggle... Please help me out here and maybe post or give me a URL link to a place where there is step by stem pictures of how to put on a cap.. Or if its possible post s few here...Please.. Thank you


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