Do it Better Than the Day Before

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Will swimming be something I value in my life?

Do it Better Than the Day Before

Swim training is like training for any other sport, academic class, instrument, or activity that you pick up. It requires discipline, hard work, and support from teammates and coaches.

To excel at swimming you need the desire to train hard in order to compete hard so you can win. If you put in the training, you can count on it, you will get results.



6/29/2006 8:03:25 PM
andrue said:

i believe that w/all the skills and lessons i've learned i just started a novice swimming club and im LEARNING alot since the first day the only thing i could really do was freestyle (front crawl) and now i've managed to learn 3 diffrent strokes in one month 3 times a week for an HOUR and i have had the hardest time and nows not the time w/my team waiting 4 my results right around the corner i can't afford not to swim smarter, betterm, faster, and wiser!!!!


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