Snorkel Fun, Swimming None

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Are swim masks better for some people?

Snorkel Fun, Swimming None

Ditch the masks. Do not learn to swim or practice swimming wearing a swim mask. Swim masks should be used only for snorkeling or diving. The reason: your nose is covered. When swimming laps, racing or training, you want as little pressure on your face and sinuses as possible, something often created when wearing a mask, and you must be able to breath in and out of your nose.

Beginning swimmers should not wear swim masks at all. If they try to breathe in or out of their nose, a skill they should be learning to do and are not able to do while wearing a mask, they may often panic, swallow water, and choke. Goggles are the way to go.



3/11/2007 5:15:16 PM
Jeff said:

Haha! You serious?! Masks are very sensible for swimming...Especially open water! When is the last time you did any competitive swimming? Have you ever even heard of a triathlon? And no, real swimming masks do not cover your nose, that would be silly. Aquasphere and TYR make some good ones. If you have ever gotten tired of your goggles filling with fog/water, or if you want to swim for long periods of time, the fit and comfort of masks are way better.


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