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Would I swim with both boys and girls, men and women?


Girls swim teams and boys swim teams are generally separate teams in high school, yet the same teams for USS swim teams and recreation swim teams. Boys and girls, men and women on co-ed teams practice together and swim the same workouts. The lanes are broken down by ability level, not gender.

Young girls are more coordinated than boys, and are often faster until age eleven or twelve. Swimming together allows both boys and girls to learn from one another and encourage each other to improve. It is fun for the girls and boys to have one another cheering for each other during the meets.

The benefit to having separate teams at the high school level, allows for the most competitive atmosphere at meets and championships, having strictly heats of girls swimming, the focus on each and every race, or vice versa for boys. All races in the pool go toward one team score, and thus raises the intensity level in the pool area.



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