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How can I aid my child in learning to swim?


Floaties are an endearing term for inflatable flotation devices used by children. Arm floaties are a great idea as part of kids swimwear, even if they have received swimming lessons. They will add even more insurance to the child's safety and ability to stay buoyant. Arm floaties are blown up tightly around the biceps and can cause rashes. A swim shirt called a “rash guard” can help to prevent irritation from arm floaties.



10/25/2006 9:57:21 AM
Alan Robins said:

I read your report with interest.
It is quite possible for some plastic based products to cause skin irritation, our company is always trying to be one step ahead and we now produce our Floaties arm bands in a PHTHALATE freindly material to help reduce skin reactions.
We also manufacture a comprehensive range of swimming aids and UV protective clothing.

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