Little Swimmers: A Giant Lifesaver

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Can I take my baby into the pool if he isn't potty trained?

Little Swimmers: A Giant Lifesaver

The invention of Little Swimmers may be up there with the wheel if you ask mothers. One of the main problems with taking babies and toddlers swimming has always been the risk of the child using the pool as a giant potty. Diapers, of course, will swell and deteriorate in the water. With Little Swimmers, a parent can take their little one swimming with confidence, even if they haven't been potty trained. If the child goes to the restroom in the Swimmer, just throw it away and put on a new one.

If your toddler has been potty trained, but still has accidents from time to time, simply put on a Little Swimmer underneath their swimsuit- that way, they won't be embarrassed by your insistence of added security. Little Swimmers come in three different sizes, ranging from 6 to 48 months. They can be found with disposable diapers at all major retailers and have a price comparable to a name-brand package of diaper.



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