Listen To Your MP3 Player Underwater!

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Can I listen to MP3's in the pool?

Listen To Your MP3 Player Underwater!

With the invention of the waterproof MP3 player, you won't have to stop listening to your iPod in the shower or the pool. If you don't have a waterproof one, there are different accessories available, including an “Otterbox”. The Otterbox is a hard case that seals in the MP3 player. New to the scene is the SWIMP3 player by FINIS. This new model is dubbed revolutionary as sound makes it way through the bone rather than ears and is much better for underwater use. Also, you can purchase a waterproof pouch that fits around the waist or bicep to keep your player in. There are headphones that plug into the ears that can go underwater as well.



2/11/2007 6:29:54 AM
Trigurrl said:

Swimp3 is EXTREMELY difficult to set up. Not worth the $$.


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