A Checklist For Swimmers

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What does a competitive swimmer need for training?

A Checklist For Swimmers

What does a competitive swimmer need for training? A lot more than just a pool. A great selection of swimming gear can be purchased on many websites and in larger sporting goods stores. The following is a checklist of items commonly used by coaches and athletes in the world of competitive swimming:

Swimming Fins- Individual and mono fins are good for training.

Goggles- Don't forget your goggles. You need to see where you are swimming!

Backstroke Flags- Practice your swimming with regulation flags making a lane.

Stopwatch- The coach will need to time you.

Pace Clock- The pace clock can be purchased in many sizes to place by the pool.

Pull Tube- Swimming with a pull tube adds resistance and helps in strength training.

Tech Toc- A tech toc attaches to the swimmer and is used like a metronome.



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