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Should I learn how to do a backdive to start a backstroke race?

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More Backstroke starts. Everyone should learn how to start the backstroke race from in the water: hands gripping the bar that is about one foot above water level, feet placed on the wall at hip level, knees bent. When the starter says, “take your mark,” bend your arms so your head is near your hands. When the gun goes off, push off with your legs and drive your arms up and back to a streamline position.

When using a backstroke start, the head should be going up slightly first, then back with the arms. This will force the swimmer to get his or her hips out of the water and extend backwards, using the strength of the legs to get the greatest power and extension with the least amount of water resistance. Again, kick, kick, kick, once under the water again, and stay in the streamline position until reaching the surface of the water.



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