Flip is Fast

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Why should I learn how to do a flip turn?

Flip is Fast

Flip turns. What is this business about flip turns? Well, once you've done it, you'll never go back to touch-and-turn. It will save you seconds each lap and minutes to half hours each swimming session. A flip turn is a technique used in the freestyle and the backstroke to help the swimmer reach and leave the wall of the pool with as much speed and little extra work as possible. To do a flip turn:

• Swim freestyle toward the wall of the pool

• About three strokes from the wall, one hand reaching ahead—beginning the next stroke, keep the one by your side at your side

• Pull the leading hand through to your side as well

• Tuck your chin

• Bend at your waist

• When you are half way through the “flip” (which is an actual flip in the water), bend your knees and tuck your heels

• Finish the flip

• Reach your legs out to push off the wall (you should be able to reach the wall with your legs only having to extend them half way to a straight position)

• Bring your arms up your sides to a streamline position and push!



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