A Little Bit of This

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What are a few workouts I could do?

A Little Bit of This

Try a little bit of these sample sets to make up your swim workout and see how it goes:

• Set 1: 6 x 200 freestyle on :20 seconds rest between each 200.

• Set 2: 7 x 125 swim kicks (swim 75 yards, kick 50 yards with a kick board) without stopping. This set can be done with or without swim fins, and can be done with any stroke.

• Set 3: 12 x 75 I.M. no freestyle (25 yards of each stroke in an individual medley, no free – butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke). This set could be done leaving out the butterfly at the beginning and keeping the freestyle on the end.



10/27/2007 6:38:10 PM
bob Hayes said:

If you can't get to the pool regularly, consider using the very effective Vasa Ergometer swimming machine. It closely simulates the resistance and feeling of Freestyle swimming by use of an air fan plus super smooth pull cords. Like many other triathletes and swimmers, I have reduced my training time by over 45 percent, I don't go to the pool more than once per month, and my times for all race distances have improved dramatically. It's the best training tool investment I ever made, especially compared to my $1200 per year club membership, which I dropped this year.


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