The Where-to-Swim Debate

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Where is a better place to swim and to train, a lake or a pool?

The Where-to-Swim Debate

The long argued debate: to swim and/or coach at a pool or at a lake on open water in the summer.

Aquatics jobs at a pool are easier because you don't have to deal with the weather if the pool is indoor, you can see the whole pool at one time, and swimmers can see the lane lines, flags, walls, and bottom of the pool from any point in the pool.

Jobs and swimming at a lake can be more challenging, but usually more fun and more satisfying. Many lakes have H-docks while lane lines are put in and turn boards put up at each end. For an endurance swim, you could take some more experienced swimmers for a trek across the lake. The biggest plus to working at a lake as opposed to having a swimming pool job: no chlorine!



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