Swim Frequently Asked Questions

Would you be a good swim coach?

Where is a better place to swim and to train, a lake or a pool?

What do swim instructors do?

Is it worth being a private swim instructor?

How do I become a certified swim instructor? What do instructors have to do?

When is the best time to start kids in swimming lessons?

Are group or private swim lessons better for my child?

What is the safest way to have my child's friends over to swim at out pool?

Can you swim in any lake or ocean, public or private?

Why join a swim team?

Which swim team should I join?

Would I swim with both boys and girls, men and women?

What events will I swim on the high school team?

What events do USS meets offer?

What is the difference between events competed long course versus short course?

Where should I watch swimmers compete to get an idea of what I'd like to do and what I'd like to look like?

What kind of swim goggles should I get?

What kind of swim goggles should I race in?

I have glass, can I still swim in my contacts or can I get special goggles?

Are swim masks better for some people?

Which swim goggles are the best?

Do you want to make sure your goggles stay on?

Why do I see some swimmers with layers of suits on?

Where should I shop for women's swim wear?

Can I train in just one swim suit?

What is the best type of bag to carry my gear in?

What if I want to swim, but am on a tight budget?

Are one-piece or two-piece swim suits better, or does it matter?

Will I look silly in a training suit at the pool or the beach?

Why are racing suits so much tighter than training suits?

What is the benefit to swimming in shorts?

If you've worked hard to get in shape, why hide it in a speedo?

What is the best way to find a suit that will look good on me?

Are all swim suits expensive?

Do swim fins really help?

Short fins or long fins?

What pieces of equipment to I have to have for swimming workouts?

How can I keep my muscles from cramping up when I'm swimming?

Should all kicking practice be done with swim fins or a kick board?

What is the benefit or practicing a kick that you do on your front on your back?

What are pull-buoys and what do they do?

What happens at swim practice?

What is the most important part of a swimming workout?

So, when I'm done, do I just get out and go?

Is swimming really a good way to get fit?

What are a few workouts I could do?

What are some more workouts I could do?

What types of workouts do competitive swimmers do?

Whne is the best time of day to do my swim training?

What is most important about freestyle?

What is most important about backstroke?

What is most important about breastroke?

What is most important about butterfly?

How do I know if I am swimming correctly?

What are the swimming strokes that I need to learn?

What arm movements are alike in the butterfly and the freestyle?

Should I roll my body when I swim the freestyle and the backstroke?

Is the dolphin kick used in more than one stroke?

Where should I look to find worthwhile swimming video?

What types of swimming videos are the best?

Should I video tape myself swimming?

What is the point of a swim camp?

What if I want to swim in the summer, but don't want to spend the time indoors?

Where can I read about my favorite swimmers?

Is it worth keeping a daily or weekly swimming log or my workouts?

What are coaches looking for in swimmers?

What should I bring to an all day swim meet?

How does swimming fit into my life?

Will swimming be something I value in my life?

What are some other types of training I could do in addition to swimming that would help me get stronger and faster?

How do I put on a swim cap so that it is comfortable enough to wear for hours?

Why should I wear a swim cap?

Should men wear swim caps?

What is the best swim cap for training?

What is the best swim cap for racing?

Can I be a lifeguard?

What type of suit do I wear as a lifegurad?

Where should I get a lifeguard swim suit?

Where can I get my lifeguard certification?

Is there a big difference between lifeguarding at a lake and lifeguarding at a pool?

Where should I lifeguard?

Will I have to save a lot of people as a lifeguard?

What is the first and most imporant thing to learn when learning to swim competitively or recreationally?

Why should I learn how to do a flip turn?

Which swimming start is the fastest?

Why do some swimmers start off of two feet?

How do I start a backstroke race?

Should I learn how to do a backdive to start a backstroke race?

How much and how often should I train?

Will I put on weight doing swimming training?

How can I use my ability as a swimmer to help others?

How long do I need to train before I can race?

Are massages worth getting?

Is the length of time a practice or how fast I practice important?

Are personal rewards a positive or negative motivational factor?

How and when should I breathe when I am swimming so that I do not run out of breath?

Why should I take swimming lessons?

Are groups swim classes or private swim classes better for children/adults?

When is a good time to get private instruction on strokes and technique?

What should I look for when buying a suit for competitive swimming?

What is a brand I can trust for swim gear?

Is there a swim suit designed to help my performance?

What does a competitive swimmer need for training?

Do swim goggles come with corrective lenses?

What kind of equipment do I need to play water polo?

How can I protect my feet while swimming?

Where can I find triathlon gear to buy?

What should I wear to protect my hair while swimming?

How can I stay warm while swimming off-season?

What are swim fins used for?

What kind of swim fin should I buy?

Do I need to wear something underneath my swim fins?

What kind of toys are available for the pool?

What kind of goggles will assist my nearsightedness?

Can I listen to MP3's in the pool?

What brand of swim fin should I buy?

How can I protect my color-treated hair from chlorine?

Do I need to rinse off my underwater camera when I come out of the pool?

What kind of equipment do I need for snorkeling?

My feet are often cut at the pool. What should I do to prevent this?

How can I prevent my fair skin from burning in the sun?

How do I prevent my scalp from burning while I am out in the sun?

What kind of equipment should a lifeguard have?

How do I prevent swimmer's ear?

What kind of special protection do I need while cold water swimming?

How can I get maximum protection from the sun while on the beach?

What should a lifeguard where while on duty?

What kind of life jacket do I need for skiing?

What can I wear in the water to protect me from UV rays?

How can I protect my child from the UV rays in addition to sunscreen?

What brand of swimsuit should I buy for my child?

How can I keep my baby warm in the pool?

Can I take my baby into the pool if he isn't potty trained?

How can I teach my child to swim?

What kind of goggles should my child wear in the pool?

How can I aid my child in learning to swim?

What kind of lifejacket should a child wear?

Do they make sunglasses for babies?

How can I protect my child's face and neck from sunburn?

Where can I buy designer swimwear for less?

Where can I purchase a unique swimsuit?

What is an alternative designer style that I can dress in on the beach?

Who makes the best designer swimwear for men?

What kind of plus size swimsuits are available?

What brand can the whole family wear to the beach or pool?

Where can I find last season's designer swimsuits?

What is in style this season with women's swimwear?

Where can I find examples of this year's swimsuit styles?

Where can I see the best swimsuit designs in action?

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